Award criteria

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Our award criteria

The selection of the PADEV Prize winners is the result of a long process built on solid criteria of objectivity. It starts from the selection of nominees to the choice of laureates

How do we do it?

The selection of the PADEV Prize winners is as follows:

For the edition of the year, each member organization of PADEV proceeds in its area of ​​representation, by surveys and polls, to collect data relating to the works of physical and legal persons falling into each of the categories listed. The candidate or a third party can also submit their file to the representative

The representative office assesses the files collected and selects the most deserving, one per category.

All representations send their lists of nominees to Abidjan at the headquarters of SAFAM COM International, headquarters of PADEV, where a jury of experts meets to deliberate

This jury of experts assesses the different files by category by comparing them, with the main criteria being the performance of the candidate and the impact of his work.

At the end of the deliberations, the jury draws up the list of laureates by each category. These constitute the winners of the PADEV Prize for the contest;

The 225 Foundation then sends a personalized letter to each winner informing them of their distinction, the date and the city where the award trophy ceremony will take place.