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How to make a reality the dream of a developed and prosperous Africa? How to ward off the evils of civil wars, political violence, famine, epidemics, illiteracy, poverty, etc… who give to this continent this undervaluing identity, to make it a land that is the pride of its sons and daughters?

These highly topical questions, and above all the answers to be provided, have given rise to many reflections and actions since independence. But then, how can we explain that after 50 years, the political desert, economic, social, sanitary, educational etc…have gained as much ground in all the countries of the continent?

It is true that the autocratic and patrimonial management model of the state which prevails in most of these countries is to be pointed first on the scale of responsibilities. But how can we deny that their capacities, in terms of resources and production, to absorb and then successfully manage such evils, are far below their magnitude? What then to do in the face of the combined effects of these human and natural factors?

Burkina Faso is not outside this reality of fatality; it is even one of the most striking archetypes. In this country either the fifty-year plan of vertical solutions wouldn’t have been enough. It is in light of this observation that we decided to build on the baptismal font the FOUNDATION 225.

This structure was born out of our wish for our country (ruling class and directed class) to adopt a universally tested pattern: horizontality in the search for solutions. As elsewhere, in Africa either civil society (and the populations) must not abandon the fight against the evils of this land in the hands only of the politician. The proven weakness of states across the continent must more than ever decide it. It must even wrest from politics the need for this collaboration if we are to effectively break out of the fiftieth system of unproductivity.

This was the conviction of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “Stone, alone, has no other destiny than being stone. But to collaborate, it unites and becomes a temple, ” he advised. The struggle for Africa’s development must be undertaken in the light of such a scheme: engaging politicians and civil society into a profitable collaboration.

FOUNDATION 225 which has given itself as a field of activity the promotion of health, education, the fight against poverty, The fight against illegal immigration, the protection of the environment, but also the promotion of excellence in all sectors of activity was created to give concrete content to such collaboration. Firstly in Burkina Faso, then throughout Africa to which it is resolutely turned.

Although young, FONDATION 225 has already taken many actions whose general utility is unanimously recognized. As the expression of an implication more than ever asserted by all, public and private initiatives, in the fight for a developed Africa. If such a scheme has significantly contributed to the development of today’s great nations around the world, we must no longer continue to deprive our dear Africa of it!